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Steel panel buildings

Steel structure panel clad buildings

Schwarzmann prefabricated steel panel buildings are insulated steel structure buildings that can be used for a variety of applications and are suitable for any industry.

Our project process is comprehensive as it covers phases from design, planning and manufacture to installation of the steel structure panel clad building.

During the planning phase, close cooperation with the investor is required to obtain sufficient information about the requirements for the facility and any additional equipment needed. All this is required to conduct a structural analysis of the building model by our structural engineer, which acts as a basis for preparing the offer.

Investors who have already started activities on a project, can still opt for an alternative to traditional construction. Through the flexibility of our processes, we can often re-design the proposed building to steel structure even after the project has been designed, without significantly interfering with the final appearance of the structure.

Even if you have already designed a concrete construction, it is still possible to find a more cost-effective solution through re-design. Once you have all the necessary information, it will be easier for you to decide which materials are the most suitable and in which direction you want to take your project.

  • Advantages of prefabricated buildings with a steel structure
    • custom-made buildings
    • flexible design and appearance (in collaboration with architects)
    • possibility of expansions and upgrades
    • energy efficient – a range of roof insulation options for various purposes and requirements
    • long service life (hot-dip galvanised steel structure is resistant to environmental influences)
    • flame-retardant materials
    • large clearspans
    • easy maintenance
    • environmentally friendly and renewable materials
    • more economical than traditional construction, fast delivery and installation
  • Application

    Prefabricated halls are used as: business facilities, production halls, logistics and transport halls, aircraft hangars, and sales facilities.

  • Characteristics


    Hot-dip galvanised or painted steel structures for prefabricated steel halls consist of IPE profiles (columns), welded segmented beams and longitudinal connections. As with our other structures, screw joints are used to enable easy and quick installation. We always adhere to the EUROCOD requirements regarding the snow and wind loads for the selected location.
    We offer multi-storey buildings that can be used both as office space or for other production and storage purposes. This version also has the option of installing trapezoidal hi-bond sheets.

    We produce the prefabricated halls in various designs:

    • halls with mono-pitched roofs
      Mono-pitched roof halls
    • halls with gable roofs and segmented hallsgable roof halls schwarzmannSegmented halls schwarzmann
    • halls with parapet or flat roofhalls with flat roof and parapet

    The minimum roof pitch ranges from 6 to 10 degrees. The roof construction is adapted to the assembly of panels. The roof pitch may be higher under certain conditions.
    Buildings with flat roofs have a roof pitch of 2 degrees.


    The steel construction of the hall is placed on linear or point concrete foundations. The third option is a concrete plate. We can also offer the design and implementation of any of the options above.


    While the walls are covered with insulating façade panels, the roof is covered with insulated roof panels. The panels have a polyurethane foam (PU) or stone wool filling. Both types of filling offer high insulation; while PU panels are more energy efficient, stone wool has better fire resistance. You can choose between 0 mm to 150 mm thick panels.
    The panels can be mounted horizontally or vertically and the wall substructure can be adjusted to the installation method. The panels all have visible joints (thicknesses over 60 mm have hidden joints)
    We use high quality panels from Trimo, Brucha, Isopan and Metrapan.
    Flat-roofed buildings are covered with Sika.


    Additional equipment and available options: doors, windows and vents, roof and wall fans, gutters, canopies, light domes, snow screens, lighting systems and other indoor installations, etc.

  • FAQ Structure

    Are the constructions made of steel or aluminium?

    All Schwarzmann constructions are made of steel profiles, since steel can withstand higher loads and has better technical characteristics than aluminium when used for construction. At our facilities, perfect static is of utmost importance. The steel construction is usually hot-dip galvanised or (at customer’s request) painted over.


    How is the hall with panels assembled?

    The steel structure consists of welded segmented beams or steel profiles and longitudinal connections. The steel parts of the constructions are hot-dip galvanised in accordance with the SIST EN ISO 1461: 2009 standard (for steel with a thickness of 3-6 mm: 324 g/m2).


    What are the standard dimensions of Schwarzmann steel panel buildings?

    Each facility is custom made and designed according to specific customer needs; in principle, there are no standard halls. However, there are standardised solutions and details available. We do not offer panel buildings with an area smaller than 200 m2.



    What are the dimensions of the smallest steel panel building you have on offer?

    Usually 10 x 20 m, or similar area with different dimensions.


    Can the Schwarzmann steel panel building be connected to an existing building?

    YES, but in this case a specific calculation is needed, and all data on the existing building has to be provided.


    What is the delivery time of the Schwarzmann hall?

    Delivery times depend on the individual order, usually between 100 and 120 days.


    Are Schwarzmann halls made in China?

    NO, all Schwarzmann products are made in Slovenia and from materials of certified EU origin. Location of production: Polhov Gradec, Slovenia.


    Is Schwarzmann a German company?

    No, the company is 100% under Slovenian ownership. It was founded in 1993 by the brothers Jožef and Tomaž Schwarzmann.


    What are the welding procedures for the structure?

    Welding is performed by certified welders under CO2 gas protection with the MAG procedure.


    Is the construction under warranty?

    10 years against corrosion.


    What are the possible load-bearing capacities of the structure?

    50 – 400 kg/m2


    What are the dimensions of the biggest building you have on offer?

    50 m wide and 100m long or more (expansion joints).


    Is it possible to subsequently move the Schwarzmann steel panel building to another location?

    YES. The entire structure is welded in the production process and screwed together on site. The structure can be disassembled. A small part of the panel trimming needs to be replaced when they are reassembled.

  • FAQ Panels

    What is the standard thickness of the panels?

    50 – 200 mm


    What should the thickness of the insulation be (specify the purpose)?

    50 mm for an unheated facility


    What’s the required value for energy-efficient facilities?

    The panels are from 100 – 200 mm.


    Are the panels fireproof?

    Panels with polyurethane filling no, stone wool yes.


    Is the surface smooth or corrugated?

    The roof has a trapezoidal shape and the walls have different types of micro-profiling.


    What are the colour choices and combinations available?

    In accordance with the standards of the manufacturer or custom colours.


    Can logos be printed on panels?

    Due to the corrugated surface, printing is not possible, attachment of logo stickers or tiles to the panels is possible.


    Can the panels be mounted between the columns?

    It is practically feasible, but the column will then be without insulation.


    Do the walls, e.g. for offices, need additional plasterboards?

    Yes, this is recommended (additional insulation, smooth surfaces, painted walls).


    Should the panels be mounted vertically or horizontally?

    We suggest a vertical installation. However, a horizontal installation is possible. This detail must be expressed at the time of ordering, as the panel installation must be adjusted accordingly in the design phase.


    I don’t want to have mounting screws on the outside of the panel; is there an alternative option?

    Of course, panels with a thickness of more than 60 mm can have a hidden joint without visible screws. However, this option is not available for all covering methods and high wind loads.


    What to do if the panels get damaged?

    We can replace them. The client has to cover the following costs: disassembly, assembly and finishing works.


    Where (in which country) are the panels made?

    Trimo Slovenia, Brucha Austria

  • FAQ Steel panel building foundation

    Is it necessary to have concrete foundations?

    YES. Technically, it is possible to install the hall on metal foundations, but we recommend concrete foundations. The comparison between line and point foundations, however, is a matter of case-by-case calculations. To mount the panels, a construction element is needed on the floor that serves as a connection point for the first row of wall panels.


    What foundations do you suggest (line, point, parapet)?

    Line foundations are the simpler option, because they also serve as a parapet. The least amount of concrete is used for point foundations, but their implementation is (according to experience) more demanding A parapet guard is required; calculations and drawings can be made for both variants. You choose the one that is more economical.

  • FAQ Equipment

    Do you also offer other hall equipment, like for ventilation, lighting, heating, electrical wiring?
    Can you also offer shelves?

    Ventilation system YES
    El. installation + lighting YES
    Heating Contact information for external contractors
    Offices + other additional spaces – YES + WINDOWS + DOORS

  • FAQ Installation

    Do you also do foundations and pavements?



    Can such a hall be moved to a new location at a later time?

    The entire structure is welded in the production process and assembled together on site only with screw connections. Therefore, the structure can also be disassembled. During the reassembly, a small part of the panel trimming needs to be replaced.


    What kind of construction work is required before the hall is erected?



    How long does it take to install the steel panel building?

    Depending on the size of the project, a schedule is prepared in accordance with the scope of work.

  • FAQ Prices of different types of halls

    Where can I find the price list for the Schwarzmann prefabricated halls?

    We cannot give you general price list, because each hall is custom-designed for a specific location and in accordance with the needs, wishes and interior equipment of the client.


    What is the price per m2?

    The price per square meter is determined by the area and shape of the building, structure type and roof pitch, roofing, interior design, etc. There are no fixed prices per m2 ; for every inquiry, the price is calculated according to the technical data for the structure. (Since each customer gets individual treatment, the client only pays for what they actually get.)

    The price upon confirmation of the order with all known details is final, without any additional costs or fine print.

  • FAQ Custom-made facilities

    Do you have standard facilities?

    Only the form of the steel construction is standard; each building is adapted to the needs of the investor and the location of the installation. Due to the specific nature of individual facilities, no price lists can be compiled. Given that a static calculation is prepared for every location and the desired dimensions, the exact price cannot be calculated without all the necessary data.


    What about the roof pitch?

    The roof pitch is between 6-10° (15° is also possible). At least 2°, usually 6-10°, can be higher per customer’s request.


    What are the spans of the halls?

    10 – 50 m/unlimited.


    Do you offer two-storey halls?

    Of course, if you know all requirements and configurations.


    Do your halls have fixed rasters between the pillars?

    In principle, Schwarzmann halls have a grid between the 5m columns, but the dimensions can be adjusted to the customer’s needs and included in the static calculation of the building.

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