Three-storey multipurpose steel building near Ljubljana ring

Type: steel panel building
Three-storey multipurpose steel building

Width: 15 m
Length: 55 m
Height: 9 m

The client company from Ljubljana designs and manufactures hydraulic systems. In addition to their core business, they also rent out office and production space. They invested in a new three-storey multi-purpose steel building to further expand their business.

The prefabricated steel building is placed on a concrete slab. In the middle of the building, there is a staircase built of brick with an elevator shaft. The rest of the building consists of a galvanized steel structure covered with a 150 mm thick sandwich panel in anthracite.

The building has a varied architecture. Along the length, numerous windows are installed to provide enough light inside the rooms. On the 2nd floor, there is an open terrace with a canopy along the entire length the building, which offers additional outdoor space for offices. A tower for a mobile signal transmitter is installed on the roof of the building, rented by the telecommunications company. Access to the roof and to the tower is provided by an external steel staircase in the colour of the building. The staircase also serves as an emergency exit from the offices.