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Our Team

The Management

The company’s management consists of co-founders and owners Jožef and Tomaž Schwarzmann and CEO Boštjan Bevec, who has been running the company for more than 10 years.
Through hard work, in 27 years we grew from a small family-owned company into a locally responsible company with over 70 employees, offering a wide range of solutions for premises and buildings for even the most demanding global markets. Our company’s success stems from many years of investing in human resources and from the efficient teamwork of our employees in all departments. Despite being present on numerous foreign markets, we still swear by our in-house design and development as well as our own production facilities, which remain in Slovenia.


Jožef Schwarzmann Tomaž Schwarzmann Boštjan Bevec
Jožef Schwarzmann Tomaž Schwarzmann Boštjan Bevec


  • Sales and Marketing

    Our Sales and Marketing Department takes care of effective marketing communication and attracting new customers and ensures that every project runs smoothly and successfully from the first contact to the final handover. In cooperation with our Development Department, we provide our clients with comprehensive support and help them find an optimal solution in terms of technology, time and costs. During a project’s design phase, we provide our investors with professional advice from experienced project managers, and during its subsequent implementation phase, we offer insight into the development, production and final phases of installation. At the close of every project, we also hand over all the necessary project documentation to the client.

  • Design and Engineering

    Our team of mechanical, construction and structural engineers approach each order individually, designing the facility according to the specific requirements and needs of the investor, the purpose of the facility and the desired dimensions. We adapt the steel construction and covering to the latest fire protection regulations, taking into consideration all potential snow and wind loads at the particular installation site. We respond to every inquiry with a 3D model of the final building in its target environment. We advise our clients during their entire process of obtaining permits and other required documentation, guiding them from idea to implementation.

  • Developement

    Our development engineers follow the needs of different markets, taking into consideration the specific requirements of our clients. Based on ample experience from past projects, we strive to perfect existing implementation details and are constantly developing new technical solutions for clients who need more covered space. In recent years, we have been actively expanding our range of industrial halls with panels, which represent an economical alternative to classic construction thanks to quick and easy installation.

  • Finance, Accounting and Controlling

    The business functions of our Finance Department include planning, organizing, auditing, accounting and controlling the company’s finances. Our business secretaries provide additional support to our finance and accounting employees as well as to all other departments when it comes to administration, record keeping and document processing.

    Controlling is a system for the independent and ongoing monitoring and analysis of business operations as well as for the comparison of current results with planned results. Since controlling the business operations represents a key function of company management, controlling is a basic instrument of management and control.

  • Procurement, Storage and Logistics

    Procurement, Storage and Logistics department is taking care of all the materials going in and out of the production process and to the Assembly locations.

    All purchased materials are labelled according to EU standards and sourced from manufacturers in Italy, Austria and France or from trading companies in Slovenia. Reliable suppliers providing top-tier materials are our long-term partners.

  • Proizvodnja

    Lastna proizvodnja v okolici Ljubljane nam omogoča popoln nadzor nad izdelavo in kakovostjo izdelkov. Od leta 2000 poteka celotna proizvodnja jeklenih konstrukcij in krojenje PVC membran v Polhovem Gradcu. Vsi procesi in izdelki so certificirani po zadnjih evropskih standardih.

    Proizvodnja se deli na štiri faze: razrez, varjenje elementov jeklene konstrukcije, krojenje ponjave ter izdelavo vrat, oken, zaključkov in ostale opreme za objekte.

    Tekom proizvodnje izvajamo tudi redno kontrolo kakovosti. Tehnolog nadzira kvaliteto izdelave delov konstrukcije, ki morajo biti izdelani v skladu s standardom SIST EN 1090-2: Tehnične zahteve za izvedbo jeklenih konstrukcij. Ta standard prepisuje zahteve za dimenzijske tolerance, kvaliteto varjenje in protikorozijsko zaščito elementov jeklene konstrukcije ter vrsto in obliko dokumentacije za jeklene konstrukcije.

    Since we operate our own production line near Ljubljana, we have complete control over the entire production and quality assurance process. Since 2000, our entire production of steel structures and the cutting of PVC coverings has been operating in Polhov Gradec. All our processes and products are certified according to the latest European standards.

  • Installation

    Oddelek montaže sestavljajo koordinator montaž in ekipe montažnih tehnikov. Ekipa v fazi postavitve objekta hitro in učinkovito sestavi predizdelane kovinske elemente in skelet objekta nato prekrije z izbrano kritino. Skupaj so zadolženi za postavitev objekta na končni lokaciji in predajo le-tega v uporabo naročniku. Poleg notranje kontrole so pri izvedbi nadzora nad izvedbo pogosto vključeni tudi zunanji nadzorniki.

    A team of experienced installation technicians quickly and efficiently assembles the prefabricated metal elements and covers the frame structure with the chosen roofing material.

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