Concrete frame buildings? Allow us to offer a more economical solution.

A prefabricated steel building is the simplest form of a compact, insulated building that can be heated and used for storage, production, retail or offices. This can be a more economical solution than a concrete frame building.

Even if you have already fully developed a concrete construction project, you still have the option of pivoting towards a redesign. Once you have all the necessary information, it will be easier for you to decide which materials are the most suitable and in which direction you want to take your project.

As a load-bearing element, steel has quite a few advantages over concrete, both in its physical properties as well as when it comes to construction and installation:
1. All structural elements are already fully designed and custom-tailored during production and do not require any additional adjustments or adaptations on-site.
2. A steel structure is much lighter than concrete, meaning the preparation of the foundation can be less complex and subsequently less costly.
3. Steel structures enable much larger spans (over 50 m) without intermediate support columns.
4. The manufacturing of a steel structure building is done much faster than building a concrete frame (no more than 90–120 days from receiving the order and coordinating all the details to handing over the finished project).
5. Steel structures allow for later expansion and upgrades and even make it possible to relocate the entire structure to a new location.
6. Steel elements allow for much greater structural flexibility and offer more options in terms of design and shape.
7. Hot-dip galvanised steel elements ensure that the structure has a long service life and is resistant to moisture and cold.
8. Steel is a nearly 100-percent renewable material and around 90 percent of all steel elements fabricated today are made from recycled steel.

To provide you with a rough estimate of the required investment costs, we need the desired dimensions of the building, the number of floors, the thickness of the insulation, the required phases and the location of the final installation.
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What do we need to prepare a detailed offer for the construction of a prefabricated steel building?

– A conceptual draft design of the building: we can also prepare this for you, based on the desired dimensions, specifications and site-specific requirements. This requires an on-site visit to check all important details, a 3D rendering and your acceptance of the proposed solution.
– A conceptual design prepared by your designer / architect complete with all necessary information about the dimensions, required insulation materials, additional equipment and features as well as additional specifics of the building.
– Information on the installation/assembly site.
– The planned project deadline.

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