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Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft hangars are used to protect aircraft and their parts from the weather as well as for service and maintenance.

Schwarzmann aircraft hangars are always custom-made and designed from the beginning in close cooperation with the client, as the type of aircraft that will be stored or serviced in the hangar dictates the dimensions and equipment of the facility. The purpose of use determines the various properties of the hangars, such as construction materials, door dimensions, insulation, and accessories, i.e. mechanical and electrical installations.

Aircraft hangars are designed, manufactured, and installed as steel structures covered with insulation panels or (where internal temperature control is not required) PVC membranes.
Due to the demanding service activities as well as sensitive and expensive spare parts, hangars for aircraft maintenance and storage usually require a controlled environment with a constant temperature. Thus the building needs to be isolated and have a built-in heating and ventilation system.

Hangars that are used just for storage often do not need insulation, as their primary task is to protect the aircraft from the weather. However, since the delivery time is often of key importance when increasing storage capacity, we can offer to the client a hangar with a steel structure and PVC membrane. For these structures, a very fast installation can be guaranteed – from the start of construction work to the time of handover, it takes only a few weeks. Despite the fact that it is a permanent facility (as the lifespan of such a hangar is over 30 years), the investor has a lot of flexibility. Hangars with a steel structure can be easily shortened or extended if necessary, and due to how they are attached to the base, they can be moved to a new location in one piece if necessary. You can also convert them into an insulated building by installing insulation panels instead of a PVC membrane.

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