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Schwarzmann’s broad range of steel buildings includes spatial solutions for the aviation sector.

Schwarzmann hangars are completely adaptable depending on the purpose of use and the aircraft stored or serviced in the new facility. Parts of the steel structure are delivered to the building site in pre-assembled segments, which are then easily fastened to the building frame and covered with the roofing and cladding of choice, altogether resulting in an efficient project schedule compared to traditional construction methods.



Aircraft hangars are always custom-made and designed in close cooperation with the client, as the aircraft that will be garaged or serviced in the hangar dictates the dimensions and equipment of the facility. The purpose of use determines the various properties of the hangars, such as construction materials, insulation, hangar door dimensions, HVAC and electrical installations.

Hangars for aircraft storage are modular steel structures with a UV-protected, non-flammable PVC membrane cover. Alternatively, MRO hangars are high-tech insulated facilities which require careful coordination of construction and installations works through effective project management and cooperation of all stakeholders.

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