Waste sorting plant

Type: Custom-made WSS fabric structure (waste sorting plant)

Width: 29.8 m
Length: 36.1 m
Height: 9 m

Rippstein Transport AG needed a covered facility for the collection and sorting of non-hazardous waste. As no special insulation was needed, the building was designed as a fabric structure with a hot-dip galvanised steel structure covered with a PVC membrane.

In order to make the most of the available space with non-standard dimensions, the building had to be designed on a 29.8 m wide x 36.1 m long area by connecting the roof to the existing building with a convex corner. Due to the need for loading and handling of waste with machinery, the usable height was raised to 9 m, and large sliding doors were installed. The roof part of the PVC membrane is white, which allows sunlight to come through and reduces the cost of additional lighting during the day. The ridge on one side is elevated along the entire length of the building, while under it a wire mesh strip was installed in order to provide proper ventilation. Such a custom-made solution provides excellent forced ventilation of the building without special fans or other additional openings.

As the building is in a visible location, we paid special attention to matching it to the visual identity of the company. The final implementation and functionality of the facility is an important new acquisition for Rippstein Transport AG that enables the expansion of business in the field of waste collection and sorting.