Warehouse of aluminum castings with solar power plant

Warehouse with solar power plant

Warehouse with solar power plant

Type: Steel panel building
Purpose: Heated warehouse
Type: Schwarzmann X® fabric structure
Purpose: Unheated warehouse
Width: 31,5 m
Length: 43 m
Internal usable height: 6,5 m
Width: 15 m
Length: 55 m
Internal usable height: 6,5 m

The company LTH Castings Ltd., a producer of aluminum castings for the automotive industry, needed additional storage space for storing their moisture-sensitive final products at their location in Ljubljana. The warehouse consists of two structurally separated units, where the first part of the warehouse is heated due to its functional connection with the existing hall, while the second part is unheated.

For the new warehouse, the investor had a preliminary project prepared, but considering the needs and intended use, we proposed an optimized solution using our hybrid structure, Schwarzmann X®. Our redesign of the two structures resulted in a more cost-effective solution, while still meeting all investor requirements. In addition to designing the steel structure, our offer also included the concrete components – foundations and concrete slab.

The solution was well-received by the customer, as it resulted in lower costs and faster execution. Additionally, the weight for the installation of solar panels on the roof was considered. These panels were installed shortly after the completion of the structures.

The company is pursuing its goal of increasing self-sufficiency in electricity by equipping all buildings at five locations in three countries with solar power plants. The new storage facilities allowed them to install a solar power plant, providing an additional 100 kW of electrical energy.

Where storage is the primary purpose, our hybrid structure Schwarzmann X® often proves to be an excellent alternative to a traditional insulated hall.