Warehouse for Hella Saturnus

Type: fabric structure WSS warehouse

Width: 41 m
Length: 120,5 m
Height: 10 m

Hella Saturnus, subsidiary of Hella Group manufactures lighting and electronic components and systems for the automotive industry. They were planning to optimize the use of a 5000 m2 surface facing two existing buildings for storage purposes. We presented them with several possible solutions, and the client ultimately opted for a 41 m clear span high-bay warehouse facility. With the height raised to 10m and due to the consequent increase in volume, total storage capacity for the area of 5000 m2 was increased by an additional 50%.

The challenge for the installation of the new facility and the dismantling of the old facilities was to coordinate removal and relocation of stored goods, so we devised a two-part implementation plan. This method made one half of the warehouse available to the investor at all times, so that shipping and delivery could take place throughout the construction process without any hindrances. Such an approach took a great deal of coordination and many adjustments had to be managed to achieve completion within the agreed deadline.