Steel warehouse with a floor for offices

Steel warehouse

Type: Steel panel building
Purpose: Steel warehouse with a floor for offices

Width: 19 m
Length: 43 m
Height: 12,5 m

A company from Slovenia, which is one of the leading companies in the field of sprinkler systems in the wider region, approached us with a desire to build a multipurpose commercial building, where they will move from their existing rented premises to a new location in the Ljubljana – Vič industrial zone near southern Ljubljana ring road.

Despite the fairly unstable ground conditions (marshy soil), it was possible to build a multi-storey steel building without piling, which would not have been feasible with other construction methods. The steel building is essentially a two-storey building (ground floor + first floor) with an intermediate mezzanine and is lengthwise divided into two equally sized parts. One part is intended for rental, while the other part will be used for the company’s own activities. The lower floor is a storage area equipped with racks, which are separately accessed through automatic sectional doors. The upper floor is an office area, which can be accessed via an elevator or the main staircase positioned in the central part of the building. The supporting structure for the elevator and staircase, as well as the entire building, is made of prefabricated steel.

The combination of facade panels in dark silver (RAL 9007) and anthracite (RAL 7016) colors gives the building a modern look, and the open terraces in the upper office area will provide space for breaks during working hours.

Aditional equipment of steel warehouse

The entire steel warehouse is equipped with a fire sprinkler system, which, in addition to ensuring fire safety in the building, is also intended for showcasing the system to potential customers. The system will be supplied with water from a silo, which will be installed next to the new building.

On more than 800 m2 of floor space, the investor has provided all the necessary spaces for the growth and development of the company, while also gaining the opportunity for additional income by renting out business premises in an excellent location right next to the Ljubljana ring road.