Schwarzmann X fabric structure provides additional storage capacities

Type: Schwarzmann X® fabric structure

Width: 25 m
Length: 48 m
Usable height: 5 m

The client’s wanted to increase storage capacity and optimize the use of space at their location in Slovenia.

We have disassembled the existing old fabric structure on the lot, for which a resale was also arranged. A new fabric structure Schwarzmann X® was selected to replace the existing warehouse on location. In addition to the increase in storage space, the main reason for their decision was the modern look of the new facility.

The entire building is covered in PVC membrane and the building is anchored directly to the asphalt surface. It is equipped with two double sliding doors measuring 4 x 4.5 m, and two personal doors, which also serve as an emergency exit. The roof system of the Schwarzmann X® type has a minimum roof slope of up to 2°, and the insulation between the sheet metal and the top sheet prevents condensation. At the request of the investor, a sheet metal flashing was installed along the upper edge and at the corners, which emphasizes the appearance of the flat roof and at the same time acts as a parapet.

With the installation of the Schwarzmann X® fabric structure and the appropriate organization of storage spaces and transport routes, the investor made the most of the available space.