Product loading warehouse

Type: Schwarzmann X
Purpose: Shipping warehouse – product loading warehouse

Width: 35 – 21.5 m
Length: 32 m
Height: 4.5 – 5.5 m

Manufacturing company Lip Bled needed to cover a larger area for the loading of wooden doors next to its production facility in Bled, Slovenia. The main requirement of the investor was to be able to load finished products onto trucks regardless of weather conditions.

Additional requirements were as follows:

– moisture-sensitive products had to be protected from condensation;
– construction permit required the building to be fixed onto the asphalt base without concrete foundations,
– the structure had to be adapted to height differences in the terrain;
– limited ridge height of the building according to local planning regulations.

The warehouse, therefore, had to be tailor-made to fit the irregular plot. In addition to different levels in terrain, the facility also has different widths as the shape of the plot required the building to be slightly narrower at the front than at the back. As a result, the fabric structure Schwarzmann X was an excellent solution, as it met all the required criteria. The building has two larger openings for the trucks to drive in and out of the facility. Loading of finished products is thus carried out in a covered area protected from the weather, which also improved the working environment for employees and external transport providers.

The solution in the form of a Schwarzmann X fabric structure was an optimal use of space on this site. The flat roof appearance complements the surrounding buildings, while the logo further showcases the brand of the investor.

The company Lip Bled is very satisfied with the implementation, which has already proven to be a very good investment in the past rainy days.