Pallet racking warehouse

Type: Schwarzmann X® fabric structure

Width: 17 m
Length: 60 m
Usable height: 6 m

The client company has a bottling plant for water and soft drinks in Slovenia. With the development of the brand and the company also rose the need for larger storage areas.

The client opted for the Schwarzmann X® fabric structure because they were convinced by another one being erected next door.

The temporary storage of products is fixed on the asphalt base and does not require concrete foundations. Installation was therefore quick and easy. The building is equipped with sectional doors and gates for the passage of people. Inside the building there are pallet racks for storing drinks.

Schwarzmann X® fabric structure is designed according to the Eurocodes to withstand the snow load on location.

Ease of use, quick installation, modern look and high quality finish convinced the customer’s decision makers that the Schwarzmann X® fabric structure is the right choice.