Optimising the storage areas with Schwarzmann X® fabric structure

Type: Schwarzmann X®
Optimising the storage areas

Width: 42 m
Length: 55 m
Height: 6 m

At the end of last year, we presented our partners with a novelty in steel construction facilities, namely a new type of flat-roof fabric structure, which we named Schwarzmann X®. We were aware of certain limitations of existing structure types and we wanted to offer a structure that will more efficiently use its surface area as well as its storage volume. At the same time, our goal was to construct a structure that is visually appealing and will fit the architectural trends of modern business buildings.

In search of a solution for upgrading the storage surfaces at Tomplast in Mirna, we offered our client the Schwarzmann X® structure measuring 42×55m, with a usable height of 6m. The client already had four older fabric structures standing on the plot, which were spaced in such a way as to make room for transport routes and to allow snow removal from the roofs. The client’s wish was to make better use of the existing plot.

The Schwarzmann X® structure is designed according to the EUROCOD standard and it ensures the snow does not slide of the roof, while its shape and the uniform usable height enables the storing of stacked stored items. The HB-FP roof system prevents condensation and dripping in the structure. It is constructed from steel panels with a corrugated profile, which ensures a suitable load bearing capacity. The second layer has an insulating function and is constructed from two 2-cm-thick felt layers, while the upper layer consists of a PVC membrane, which protects the entire structure. Ventilation is provided via grill fans on the structure’s end panel. The three double-leaf sliding doors are placed in areas that ensure the best possible utilisation of transport routes. The structure is anchored on an asphalt surface with standard metal anchors.

By removing the existing structures and setting up a new one and by relocating transport routes, we have more than doubled the storage capacity in a structure that has a smaller surface area but an increased height from 4m to 6m.