Multipurpose facility for manufacturing and office space

Type: Multipurpose facility for manufacturing and office space

Width: 22 m
Length: 55 m
Height: 5 m

Kop Commerce is a Slovenian company that engages in mechanical machining of metals using CNC turning and milling technology. They required new manufacturing and business facilities to increase the capacities for manufacturing of metal products for the automotive, fine mechanics, and mechanical and electrical engineering industries. Their architect had already prepared a conceptual design for the building. Through introductory stage coordination with the investor and their architect. By carefully considering the desired design and investor requirements in the introductory stages of project planning, we were able to offer a suitable solution.

The facility is made entirely of hot-dip galvanized steel structure, to which insulation roof and wall panels of 100 mm are attached (filling: mineral wool). The building has two transverse partitions. Most of its plan is single storey with two storey section of 6.5 m in length and full building width. There are four light domes on the roof and windows in different designs on the walls. There are two personal entrances and freight entrances (automatic sectional doors) at the front and side of the building.

All phases of the project were completed within the stipulated timeframe, which was crucial for catching the deadline for moving the client’s business to a new location. After the works were completed, structure and the built-in equipment were inspected.