Dispatch warehouse and storage warehouse in Austrian Styria

Type: fabric structure
Purpose: dispatch warehouseWidth: 15 m
Length: 24.5 m
Height: 4 m
Type: fabric structure
Purpose: storage warehouseWidth: 25 m
Length: 18 m
Height: 6 m

For the company Wolfram Bergbau und Hütten AG, the world’s leading manufacturer of various tungsten granulations, we custom-built two warehouse facilities for storage and dispatching.

The company has a mine and processing plant near Salzburg, at the St. Martin in Austrian Styria has a tungsten purification and recycling plant. Here, both facilities were needed to expand the storage and dispatching areas.

There were no special heating requirements for the building, so the most economically justified solution was in the form of fabric structures, which completely satisfy the need for newly covered storage areas. The construction of both buildings corresponds to the required snow load at the location of 2,92 kN/m2, and the stronger 900g/m2 membrane ensures additional resistance of the building against environmental influences.

The warehouse is equipped with automatic doors, while the product warehouse is also equipped with a loading ramp. Both buildings have regulated ventilation with a roof vent and laterally arranged ventilation lines, which ensures adequate air circulation in the building.

The dispatch warehouse is placed on a raised concrete platform, while the product warehouse is anchored directly to the ground through the asphalt base. Drainage is regulated by gutters.

In both projects, we had great cooperation with the designer, who managed the procedures for obtaining the relevant permits and supervised the implementation. The client obtained custom-made warehouse facilities within the agreed time frame and successfully upgraded the product dispatch process by acquiring new premises.