Composting plant in Krems, Austria

Type: fabric structure
Purpose: composting plant

Width: 42,3 m
Length: 119 m
Height: 5,5 m


Width: 35,8 m
Length: 38,8 m
Height: 5,5 m

For Brantner Group, one of the largest waste management companies in Europe, we supplied and assembled a fabric structure for composting plant at the site in Krems. The Brantner Group manages five landfills, three sorting plants, five composting plants, and four other processing facilities in Austria. In total, the composting plant covers more than 6400m2.

The steel part of the structure was placed on the concrete wall. Steel parts are hot-dip galvanized with a thicker application than is usually the case when it comes to storage alone. This way, the steel part of the structure is more resistant to corrosive gases generated during the composting process. Other parts are also adapted to the specific environment or use of the facility.