Engineering, production and assembly of waste management centre

Type: fabric structure WSS
Purpose: waste management center

Width: 27,5 m
Length: 72 m
Side height: 10 m

For a larger waste collection and processing company in Switzerland, we built and set up a fabric structure that is the main household waste collection point. The hall is part of the Pfäffikon waste management center in the municipality of Freienbach.

It is a modern covered collection centre, to which the residents of the municipality can bring waste for recycling with their own vehicles. Inside the facility, there are parking spaces and special collection zones for individual types of waste.

A special feature of the building is the vent in the ridge running along the entire length of the building, which is designed in such a way that the ridge is extended on one side, thus affording space for the vent grid. A cantilevered roof is installed on one side of the building sheltering the area at the side entrance to the building. In fact, the useful height in the building is as high as 10 m and thus enables waste collection in multiple levels. For this purpose, we installed a metal structure platform and stairs in the building. In addition, the height allows loading of skips onto a truck inside the building.

The building is fitted with snow guards that ensure that snow remains on top of the building. According to EUROCOD, the load-bearing capacity of the building for snow is 1.60 kN/m2. The fabric structure is covered with a 900g PVC tarpaulin by Sattler. A company logo with inscriptions is printed on the end panel, the roof and on the side above the cantilevered roof.

The company was very pleased with the rapid and high-quality construction of the waste management center. The building had to be placed in a rather limited space between two buildings that made the installation works considerably more demanding. A video of the installation works was also recorded and posted on their website.