New warehouse for distribution

Type: Fabric structure

Width: 20 m
Length: 50 m
Height: 6 m

The Veto Group in the Komenda Industrial Zone in Slovenia needed a facility to store products for distribution. They opted for an uninsulated warehouse that would be suitable for racking, and would at the same time allow for quick and easy installation.

We assembled a pitched fabric structure with a galvanized steel frame. Concrete foundations were not required for the construction of the warehouse, as the structure is anchored to the ground with metal anchors through the asphalt surface. As moisture-sensitive materials will also be stored in the building, an additional inner membrane and a ventilation fan have been installed to prevent condensation in the building, which additionally protects the goods from moisture. At the gable, there are double sliding doors measuring 4×4.5 m which allow access to the facility even for larger trucks.

The client has thus obtained 1,000 m2 of new storage space and with the installation of racks, the space will be optimally used. In the future, further expansions of business and storage facilities are planned at the site.