Warehouse and distribution center

Type: 2x WSS fabric structure
warehouse and distribution center

Width: 36.5 m
Length: 48 m
Height: 6 m

The company Adria Terminali needed 3,500 m2 of new covered storage space for its sheet metal storage centre in Sežana. Looking at the shape of the plot and required dimensions, our recommendation to the client was to build two 36.5 m wide and 48 m long interconnected fabric structures.

This would guarantee the required covered area with optimal technical properties at a reasonable price. The alternative would be a 74 m long single fabric structure with a span of 48 m, however due to the wind loads on site (over 150 km/h), such a steel structure would be much heavier than the proposed twin-building option and therefore more expensive. Taking into account the storage technology and the size of the pallets, the solution with intermediate support columns was the best and also most cost-effective option for the investor.

Side wall vents and ceiling fans for ventilation were added to the structure as well as four 6×5 m sectional doors. A canopy with a gutter was installed above all the doors in addition to a roof gutter along the entire length of the building. The two buildings are connected by a hollow moulding made of galvanised sheet metal.

The installation was completed in 20 days, which was a great advantage for the client, since they were able to acquire new storage space in a very short time. Good team work between the client and our project manager was crucial for the implementation within the agreed deadline.