Production-Warehouse Hall in the Logatec Craft Zone

31production-warehouse hall

Type: Prefabricated insulated steel building
Purpose: Production-warehouse hall

Width: 12 m
Length: 50 m
Usable interior height: 5 m

Slovenian company Prekom has been producing and renovating control and suspension systems for Porsche and Ferrari for over 40 years. They needed a multi-purpose insulated facility for the expansion of their operations. Due to spatial constraints at the company’s existing location, the construction of the facility was planned at a new site in the Logatec Industrial Zone.

Schwarzmann created a 3D visualization of the facility with an interior layout for the client. This allowed the client to have a better understanding of the final appearance of the hall, the ground plan of interior spaces, and the equipment, making it easier for the investor to coordinate all the details before placing the order.

The production-warehouse steel building is divided into three sections, separated by partition walls. The facility is comprised of a production area, a warehouse, and a smaller two-story office area with restrooms and changing rooms for employees.

Structural design of the Production-warehouse hall

For this project, Schwarzmann undertook the entire structural design, both the reinforced concrete part of the facility (concrete foundation and slab) and the design of the steel structure. The investor’s preference was for us to handle as many project phases as possible so we also supplied and installed all the building equipment, including external building fixtures (windows, automatic doors, personnel doors), a service ladder, concealed gutters and canopies above the automatic doors. The company logo was placed to the front of the hall for better brand recognition, prominently visible upon arrival at the site.

For the investor, the production-warehouse hall is only the first phase of expanding the company at the new location. In the second phase, they plan to construct another larger building at the Logatec site, which will also include administrative facilities. Due to positive customer experience with our team throughout the project, they are also inclined towards another Schwarzmann steel structure for the next building.