Production plant in Villach

Type: PWS panel-clad building
Purpose: production, logistics and warehouse building

Width: 35 m
Length: 81 m
Height: 6,5 m

This year, we obtained a contract from the existing partner STO Ges.m.b.H from Villach for construction of a production, warehousing and logistics hall. The STO company is one of the largest manufacturers of various construction products in the world. They are world leaders in façade insulation systems. In 2018, the WTO Group had a total turnover of €1.33 billion.

In the past, we have already constructed some facilities for STO and gained the trust of the management in Villach. We took over the entire process from design, construction to installation. The concrete construction works were carried out by a local construction company.

A special feature of the production hall is the 30m high mixing tower, which is part of the hall, and the so-called dry production of the paint manufacturing process that will take place in the hall. The required fire resistance of the hall is 30 minutes, and the hot-dip galvanized steel structure of the hall was thereby included in the cost estimation accordingly. The hall will be covered with Bruch panels (mineral wool insulation material), and has 100mm thick walls, and an 120mm thick roof. The building stands on deep-seated foundations into which our metal deadman anchors are poured, to which the supporting pillars of the structure are attached. After the erection of the pillars, a parapet was concreted between the pillars, which will prevent any intrusion of water into the building at ground level and which serve as the protection of the panel walls during the internal handling of materials.

The building is designed with 8 automatic doors, 3 personnel passage doors, 3 loading ramps, and windows of various sizes. On the side with the loading ramps, a 3m wide free-hanging cantilever roof is installed that is completely covered with panels.

The hall will also be designed with office premises and toilet facilities. Between the new and the existing hall, there will be a transport belt for the transport of material, which will be placed under a frame made of a galvanized steel structure, and covered with sheet metal.

The project is mostly completed. This will be followed by the installation of snow guards, gutters, finishes, and equipment. The opening of the hall is planned for March next year.