Production hall for the production of containers

Type: steel panel building
Purpose: Production hall

Width: 20,3 m
Length: 28,1 m
Inner height: 11,7 m

The Slovenian client company Maksim manages a group of companies: Celje Galvanizing plant, Container, Metal Cinkara, and Maksim Hudinja. For the purpose of producing various containers, the company Container needed a new insulated building for assembly.

The investor turned to us also because of the long-term good business cooperation. Most of our steel structures are galvanized in the Celje Galvanizing Plant. The client already had the plans for the building ready. But we have redesigned the building to optimize the steel structure and thus reduce investment costs.

The facility is one-story, gabled with a parapet wall and flat roof look. The roof is equipped with a siphonic roof drainage system for storm water. On one side of the building, we built a wide cantilever canopy for additional covered space.

Optimization of the steel structure as well as fast and high-quality execution resulted in additional production capacities for the company Container.