New warehouse and covering of existing hall

Type: WSA fabric structure and

Width: 2x20m
Length: 50m
Usable height: 4.5m

Type: Steel panel building

Width: 25m
Length: 30m
Usable height: 6m

The company Termoplasti PLAMA is one of the largest producers of PE packaging in Slovenia. Over the years, they have been expanding their production and storage at the location in Hrušica near Ilirska Bistrica.

This year, we upgraded good cooperation with them in the form of a steel structure storage facilities with an additional 1,000m2 warehouse fabric structure. It is directly related to the existing facility, which we set up in the original size of 20x25m in 2017 and extended it in length by an additional 20x25m in 2018. This time, the entire warehouse has expanded in width to the final size of 40x50m.

Both buildings are functionally combined into a single warehouse in a total size of 2,000m2, where transport routes between the old and the new part are established. Each part, however, has its own central transport route and entrance to the facility with sliding doors. The drainage between the connected facilities is arranged with a gutter. Ventilation is provided by two wall fans in each building.

As the warehouse was moved from the older open building into a new fabric structure we renovated this building by completely closing it and replacing the roof panels and sheet metal on the walls with new more insulating TRIMO panels 120mm thick.

We installed six roof domes connected to the fire station. We took care of the additional light in the building with a pair of light panels. We have also ensured a covered connection with the rest of the production part. The old warehouse was thus energetically rehabilitated and renovated so a new production line could be installed in it.

With the realisation of both new facilities with steel construction, we took care of increasing both the storage and production capacities of the company and provided them with a custom-made solution. We took advantage of the existing space and situation on the plot and enabled the company’s further growth.