Manufacturing facility with offices

Type: PWS panel clad building
Purpose: Manufacturing

Part I

Width: 28,2 m
Length: 55,5 m
Side height: 8,5 m

Part II

Width: 14 m
Length: 50.5 m
Side height: 7 m

This year we designed, constructed and erected a two-part manufacturing facility with office premises for a high-tech company in Medvode. The company is a supplier of production lines for pharmaceutical and chemical companies. In recent years, they have acquired a considerable number of important contracts, and thus the need arose to expand their production capacities.

The hall is designed following the example of existing buildings. It consists of two parts. The larger steel structure part is covered with a gabled roof accommodating an attic area, while the smaller structure is covered with a lean-to roof also accommodating an attic area. A 3.8cm thick polycarbonate strip is installed along both lengths running top to bottom at a height of 3m, which gives the hall a uniform appearance together with the existing hall, while it at the same time brings light to both parts of the hall. There are 15 dome structures on the roof that are connected to the fire alarm central station providing 30-minute fire resistance to the building.

Inside the building, we constructed a structure that accommodates office premises on two floors with a total area of 170m2. In addition, air conditioners for both parts of the hall were mounted on the very top of the office premises.

Kingspan panels with a 100mm thick polyurethane filler are installed on the building. When selecting panels, automatic doors and windows, we have taken into account the wishes of the client. The installation works for the building were carried out during the winter and within the foreseen deadlines. Our partner has already ordered a connecting facility between the existing and new hall.

We have been obtaining an increasing number of building design projects with integrated office premises and adequate fire resistance. Our team of engineers coordinates the details with the wishes of the client and prepares all the necessary documentation for construction of the production building.