Logistics hub in a short timeframe

Type: steel panel building PWS (logistics hub)

Width: 38 m
Length: 84 m
Height: 7,5 m

To accommodate company growth and acquire new partners’ accounts, transport and logistics company Sečnik Transport from Slovenia needed a larger logistics hub in a short timeframe.
We prepared a design for the hot-dip galvanized steel structure facility, fastened to the tarmac plateau with metal anchoring system and enveloped with insulating sandwich panels. Both end-walls were covered with PVC membrane with company logo print. Windows were installed on both sides along the entire length of the building, with two freight entrances on one side.
The facility was equipped with appropriate drainage through the gutters and a fan with ventilation grille.

Implementation of this facility presented two main benefits for the investor. Speedy installation of the building and maximum utilization of its surface area and volume, enabled the investor to manipulate of all types of goods and use various methods of transhipment.