Insulated Warehouse Hall

Insulated Warehouse Hall with PVC solar panel

Insulated Warehouse Hall

Type: Schwarzmann X®
Intended Use: Warehouse Hall

Width: 25 m
Length: 55 m
Usable Interior Height: 5 m


The family-owned company Pohištvo Iskra is one of the largest companies for the production of custom-made furniture in Slovenia. Years of tradition, development, and investment in knowledge and equipment have enabled the company to become an important provider in the region. Today, at the location in Preska near Medvode, 50 employees on 6,000 m2 manufacture custom-made equipment for the most demanding ambients.

They needed to expand the storage capacity in the form of an isolated facility. The Schwarzmann X® insulated hall proved to be the optimal solution for the client’s needs. The gable roof with a minimal pitch is nicely finished with an attic, which gives the appearance of a flat roof. Additional pipes for tensioning the tarpaulin on the roof also serve to install the substructure for the solar panels.

Domes are installed on the roof, which allow ventilation of the building, the passage of daylight into the building, and the evacuation of smoke in the event of a fire. The structure is oversized and made to withstand 30 minutes of standard fire load (R30). A corridor to connect the new building with the existing one was also built.

In a relatively short time, the company acquired 1,375 m2 of new warehouse space, which is well-insulated to provide excellent working conditions. A solar power plant was installed on the roof, which produces enough electricity for almost complete self-sufficiency in electricity.

The Schwarzmann X®-type insulated facility has the elegant appearance of a classic industrial hall and blends in nicely with all existing facilities.