Flat roof warehouse with a solar power plant

Type: steel panel building
Purpose: Warehouse for pharmaceutical products

Width: 19 m
Length: 60 m
Inner height: 7,5 m

Salus, a wholesaler of pharmaceuticals is a returning client, for which we have already built a Schwarzmann X-type fabric structure in the past. This time, they approached us with a new project, for which they already had a construction permit for a concrete building. However, due to faster implementation, lighter structure and consequently smaller foundations, decided on a prefabricated steel structure instead.

Since they wanted to place the new warehouse right next to the existing production facility, which has a basement, they would have to install concrete piles in the ground for the concrete construction, which would make the construction much more expensive. As the steel structure  of Schwarzmann insulated warehouse in comparison, has significantly lower weight and shallower foundation (linear concrete foundations) was sufficient.

The warehouse is insulated with wall panels and covered with Sika roofing system, while the parapet provides the appearance of a flat roof. Wares are stored on high racks shelves up to 7.5 m high, making the total capacity of the new facility over 1,500 rack spaces. The building is functionally connected to the rest of the existing storage areas by means of a passageway, and cargo is loaded via loading ramp, which is installed at the rear of the building. The building’s fire safety is ensured by a sprinkler system.

Solar panels are installed on the entire surface of the roof and are hidden behind the parapet wall, so that they are not visible from the ground. A warehouse with a solar power plant provides Salus with an additional 150 kW of electricity.

More and more businesses wish to supplement their energy sources by the means of solar power plants atop new buildings. All buildings in the Schwarzmann product range can be adapted to this requirement.