Fabric structures for dust protection in waste processing

Fabric structure for waste processing

Type: Fabric structures
Purpose: Fabric structures for waste processing

Width: 28 m
Length: 25,5 m
Side Height: 9,5 m
Width: 36,5 m
Length: 19,8 m
Side Height: 8 m


Width: 31,8 m
Length: 4 m
Side Height: 9,5 m


A company from Gleisdorf has over 40 years of experience in collecting and processing waste. They offer services ranging from processing waste wood to recycling various waste materials, from intermediate storage of hazardous waste to supplying containers. Using the latest technology, the company minimizes the amount of waste and provides environmentally friendly recycling and disposal.

They needed additional covered spaces for collecting and transporting processed material and dust protection. Schwarzmann’s tailor-made fabric structure was chosen for its fast and coordinated execution within the agreed deadline.

The order consists of three bespoke fabric structures for the company. All three are erected on a 5-meter-high concrete wall and connected to existing buildings. Crushed waste material moves on a conveyor belt from the intake processing to the new buildings. Here, it is collected and loaded onto trucks for transportation. One of the fabric structures is used for waste collection and sorting. All buildings have a fire suppression system.

The end walls of fabric structures are mostly made of mesh, which provides good ventilation while still retaining larger dust particles inside the building. The contact between the concrete wall and the mesh cover is additionally protected from the inside with sheet metal, which ensures that the dust remains inside the building. A mesh is also installed on the inside of the structure to prevent birds from entering the facility.

Snow guards were installed on the roof of the buildings, which could also serve as a supporting structure for solar panels in the future.

The exceptional flexibility of Schwarzmann fabric structures was crucial for the customer, as we were able to meet all their specific requirements. The customer was satisfied with the fast and coordinated execution within the agreed deadline. With the new facilities, the company gained additional space for collecting and transporting processed waste.