Fabric structure Schwarzmann X as auxiliary warehouse next to the logistics centre

Type: Schwarzmann X®
Purpose: auxiliary warehouse

Width: 13,5 m
Length: 36 m
Height: 5,8 m

We delivered the Schwarzmann X fabric structure for Salus, which is one on the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and medical equipment in SE Europe. Due to a lack of storage space, the investor opted for a fabric structure warehouse. They also required minimal intervention without additional construction work and a facility that would be visually harmonized with existing buildings.

To fit its surroundings, a flat roof steel structure was chosen, making the fabric structure Schwarzmann the optimal choice for both its design as well as technical characteristics. Height of the facility was limited due to regulatory restrictions and the design of the Schwarzmann X enabled maximum utilization of the available space.

The structure was covered with Trimoterm Power 100 mm panels in the colour anthracite, in order to fit the appearance of the logistics centre next to it. The roof of the facility was fitted with additional insulation – box profile roof sheets, 15 cm of mineral wool and a PVC membrane. The warehouse was equipped with Hörmann sectional doors measuring 3×3.5 m, with 1×2.1 m personal doors fitted within. Along the entire length, a gutter in anthracite color is installed to drain water from the building. Right next to the existing neighboring building, we created a corridor that allows for a fire exit from the existing building.

The project was completed in less than 4 months from the first contact to the handover of the facility.