Fabric Structure for Bulk Material Storage

Bulk Material storage

Bulk Material storage

Type: Fabric Structure
Intended Use: Storage of Bulk Material

Width: 2×25.5 m
Length: 31 m
Internal usable height: 10 m

Swiss company Johann Müller AG, engaged in the extraction and sale of various granulations of sand, required a covered space at their location in the gravel pit in Uznach, Switzerland for protection from weather conditions. Schwarzmann fabric structures have been used for bulk storage many times, so we were also able to offer a custom-made steel structure facility with a PVC membrane cover.

Due to the handling of bulk materials, the lower part up to a height of 5 m was constructed as a concrete wall. This part was prepared in collaboration with a local contractor company. It is designed as two larger compartments, further divided into two parts. This shape is also adapted for the fabric structure. Both sections are entirely open at the front, allowing access to heavy machinery. The steel galvanized structure of the facility is attached to the wall. The maximum usable height inside the facility is 13.4 m, and the minimum is 10 m. Both parts of the facility have shared pillars in the central section and a gutter. The side part is enclosed with a dark green PVC membrane, matching the predominant color of neighboring structures. Johann Müller AG obtained a construction permit for installing photovoltaic panels on the 1,520 m² roof area. The load-bearing capacity of the steel structure of the tent hall is also adjusted accordingly.

Additional covered areas are dedicated to processing materials from construction sites, which are reused as various sands. These materials are supplied to the adjacent concrete plant, connected by a conveyor belt, eliminating the need for transportation.

Schwarzmann fabric structure, known for its easy and quick assembly, large spans without intermediate columns, durability, and long lifespan, represents an excellent choice for bulk materials storage.