Expansion of the business to a new multipurpose facility

Type: Multipurpose facility

Width: 18 m
Length: 44 m
Height: 6 m

RC Trcko from Ptuj has been engaged in the assembly of small structures, installations, and welding and various other work for the automotive industry for over 20 years. They participate in most projects as subcontractors. Until this year, they operated from rented premises in Ptuj.

Due to the expansion of the business and the desire for their own premises, where activity would be extended to the production processes, they decided to build a new multi-purpose facility in the industrial zone of Dolana near Zavrč. It is a combination of a masonry office workspace with steel roofing, and a production workspace with a steel structure. Both areas are covered by insulating panels, which gives the building a uniform appearance. Inside the production area the load-bearing columns are dimensioned and ready for the installation of a bridge crane with a load of up to 2.5 t.

The building has a gabled roof with an attic and internal hidden drainage pipes. The roof is covered in 120 mm thick Kingspan polyurethane insulation panels, and the walls with 100 mm thick Kingspan polyurethane insulation panels. Polycarbonate light panel strips are installed on the sides, which provide natural light in the production area.

In combination with the masonry work, the prefabricated hall is an economical and sustainable solution for a new business facility.

Expansion to a new multipurpose facility