Excellent price/performance of fabric structure warehouse

Type: Fabric structure
Purpose: Fabric structure Warehouse

Width: 30 m
Length: 44.5 m
Usable height: 4.5 m

A fabric structure warehouse was built in Rankweil, Austria. A. Pümpel & Co KG has a large external warehouse at this location that needed to be enlarged.
The structure was built on the existing asphalt surface and offers over 1,300 m² of additional storage space.
Four gates are mounted on the side along the transport route, which enables the material to be transported from the individual storage locations in the building. The facility is ventilated through a roof vent and side vents with wire mesh covers. Drainage is channeled via gutters to prevent water from accumulating right next to the facility.
Thanks to the new storage space, the company has been able to increase its volume of building materials for wholesalers.

Ernst Flach, Management
“Schwarzmann convinced our planner and us with their specifications and arguments but also with the excellent price/performance ratio.
We received our fabric structure Schwarzmann two years ago. Both the delivery and the assembly took place punctually and as agreed. The fixed price was also correctly adhered to with no surcharges.
The fabric structure meets our expectations 100% and makes a significant contribution to optimizing our warehouse logistics.”