Dispatch warehouse for strict fire regulations

Type: WSS fabric structure (dispatch warehouse)

Width: 36.6 m
Length: 87.4 m
Height: 5.5 m

The investor is the Austrian beverage producer Vöslauer Mineralwasser. They wanted an installation without concrete, which is why we erected the steel structure on a special foundation made of metal that is attached to the asphalt base with anchors. During the planning, we had to pay special attention to the high wind and snow loads at the installation site. Due to strict fire regulations, the investor demanded maximum space utilization on a limited area of 3200 m2 for dispatch warehouse.

We ordered fire safety tests from the manufacturer of the PVC membranes and ensured that everything complies with the fire safety regulations. Due to our extensive knowledge of local regulations and professional consulting during the design phase, their facility did not need fire dampers, due to which the client was able to avoid additional costs.
We also installed high-speed gates for the company’s dispatching needs and forklift traffic.

Our sales representative guided the client throughout the entire process of obtaining documentation, including mediation and communication with the local administration in Austria.