Custom-Designed Isolated Warehouse

Type: Schwarzmann X® Isolated Warehouse
Total Area: 1576 m²

Euroton d.o.o. has been a leading provider of quality automotive spare parts in the Slovenian market for over thirty years. During these years, we have completed several successful projects together. This time, they entrusted us with a custom-designed isolated warehouse.

Due to the unique shape of the plot, a tailor-made facility to maximize space utilization adjacent to existing structures was crucial to the investor. Additionally, there was a requirement for simple anchoring through the asphalt surface and a uniform inner usable height for more efficient storage.

Schwarzmann X® insulated warehouse model excellently met all these requirements. The warehouse is customized to the plot, featuring three different widths. It also meets the other two requirements, while presenting an economical option that was swiftly delivered and executed within the agreed timeframe.

The warehouse is further equipped with a cantilevered canopy, protecting the area near the building where automatic sectional doors and personal doors are located. Natural light enters the facility through roof domes and windows.

A white roof with a parapet wall (flat roof appearance – 2° slope) and anthracite-colored panels give the building a modern look, seamlessly integrating it into the broader environment.
The investor has acquired the necessary storage space for further expansion in the automotive spare parts business.