Covered parking for car sales in Villach

Type: fabric structure
Purpose: covered parking for car sales

Width: 27 m
Length: 45 m
Side height: 2 m

Auto Süd MH GmbH is an official Citroen and Peugeot representative and used cars dealer in Villach.

For the purpose of protecting used vehicles from hail, rain, and snow, we set up covered parking with a robust galvanized steel structure. It is designed for the high snow load required by EUROCOD at the Villach site (356 kg / m2). The building is covered with a quality PVC membrane Sattler (900 g / m2), white. The company logo is printed on the front end wall. An additional inner membrane is tensioned to the structure inside the building to provide protection for vehicles against drops. The building is equipped with lighting and gutters for drainage.

In addition to protection against the weather, the covered parking will greatly improve the conditions for viewing used vehicles.