Car dealership facilities – showroom and covered parking

Types: Car dealership facilities – showroom and covered parking

Covered parking WMS

Width: 15 m
Length: 50 m
Height: 2 m
Width: 19 m
Length: 99,5 m
Height: 3 m
Width: 19 m
Length: 36,5 m
Height: 3 m


Car dealership PWS:
Width: 16 m
Length: 25 m
Height: 5,1 m

Car wash PWS:
Width: 11,7 m
Length: 16,7 m
Height: 5 m

Since 2015, the Austrian car dealership Moser Mercedes has already trusted us with five separate projects with the aim to expand their operations.

We delivered the Mercedes Moser showroom in the form of a Schwarzmann steel structure in 2018. The insulated showroom had a combined envelope of sandwich panels and glass walls which was designed and built in collaboration with the investor’s architect. Three Schwarzmann car park canopies have been installed to cover larger parking areas and protect vehicles from rain, snow or hail and to enable unimpeded sales process even in unfavourable weather conditions.

In 2019, we expanded our services with a car wash project, which was implemented in the form a combination of steel construction and insulating panels.

The car wash has two service areas, for internal and external vehicle cleaning. There is also a smaller adjoining space for storing the necessary materials and cleaning equipment.

All of Mercedes Moser’s facilities have been designed to correspond to existent corporate identity of the company and the brand they represent. Our collaboration with the architect produced a visually cohesive and modern set of facilities, much to the investor’s satisfaction.