Business and manufacturing facility

Type: Steel structure panel clad buildings PWS (business and manufacturing facility)
Width: 24 m
Length: 50 m
Height: 5 m

Width: 12 m
Length: 36,6 m
Height: 6 m

In close cooperation with the client, we custom designed, manufactured and erected a business and manufacturing facility in the form of an insulated steel structure. The building is made of two parts in an L-shaped floor plan. The measurements of the two parts of the building are: 24 x 50 m and 12 x 36,6 m. In the business part, we also created a hi-bond platform and external steel structure stairs. In addition to freight entrance to the production premises, we also made sure that the facility was drained properly through grooves and gutters.

In the conceptual design of the business facility, the project architect envisioned anthracite grey panels, window frames and gutters in the same colour. Consequently, together with automatic doors in a lighter grey shade and glass surfaces, the building has a homogeneous appearance and also showcases the development of the company. On the other hand, the sandwich panels on the separate manufacturing part of the building are light grey, while the windows and gutters remain in the anthracite shade, thus making the colour scheme of the entire building cohesive.

For the client, the new multi-purpose facility thus represents a significant expansion of operations from production to sales, and facilitates further growth and development of the company.