Aircraft hangar for garaging at the Graz airport in Austria

Type: Fabric structure WSS (aircraft hangar for garaging)

Width: 53 m
Length: 25 m
Height: 5.8 m

In 2017, we designed a hangar for aircraft storage with a span of 53 m for our client –the Graz Airport in Austria.

The structure of the facility was perfectly adapted to the specific requirements of the client. For the aircraft garaging, a width of 53 m without intermediate support columns was needed, while at the same time the height of the building was limited due to airport regulations. Fire safety study was conducted, based on which we started planning the project. The steel structure itself is capable of withstanding all wind and snow loads on site, which is why no snow will have to be removed from the roof despite the fabric structure design of the hangar.

The Schwarzmann hangar sliding door was (in accordance with the wishes of the client) designed with a simple manual opening mechanism. The individual door wings slide smoothly along the rails that are built into the concrete, so that the door can be easily opened by a single person. However, the rails themselves do not pose any obstacles to the manoeuvring aircraft and do not damage the aircraft tires in any way.

A PVC membrane for additional protection against condensation was installed in the roof during the installation phase.