Schwarzmann collaborates with ICV for Business Excellence

In April, twelve members of the Schwarzmann team spent an invigorating weekend presenting and discussing our business practices, insights gained, and future directions with a group of fifteen highly motivated international controlling experts from the ICV – Internationaler Controller Verein.

The ICV team, comprised of experiences professionals selects a target company to focus on every year, providing their expertise and suggestions for improvement. Schwarzmann is honored to be chosen, marking a significant opportunity for personal development and collaboration of our employees.

Four teams, each consisting of members from both ICV and Schwarzmann, were tasked with exploring different business areas and formulating proposals for enhancement. The project is structured to span two weekends, one in April and another in November, with monthly video conferences to maintain momentum and ensure continuous progress.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the entire ICV team. Their expert knowledge and warm personalities were instrumental in making the weekend both productive and enjoyable. The Schwarzmann team is filled with positive insights from this experience. Although stepping outside our comfort zones was challenging, it proved to be a rewarding process that we thoroughly enjoyed. This collaboration not only broadened our perspectives but also reinforced our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

We are looking forward to continuing our joint efforts!