Installation of a multi-storey steel structure warehouse Munich, Germany

The installation of a steel structure for a storage facility for stage props for the Munich Opera is currently underway.

The warehouse will measure 35m x 136m with a height of 24m, including an additional 15-meter corridor. The facility will be able to store 166 containers with dimensions of 10 x 2.5m.
The structure itself is made of 1100 tons of steel. The Schwarzmann team is responsible for coordinating plans, cutting profiles, welding steel structure assemblies, hot-dip galvanizing, and sandblasting the structure.

This project represents approximately a quarter of the company’s annual production capacity, but with the right approach to project management, it has not hindered the other 60 projects that we carry out each year. The production has lasted a total of 5 months. At this scale, more than 60 trucks were needed for transportation of the structure.

A specialized company has taken over the installation, which will last until the end of July, while panel cladding and installations will be completed by the end of September 2023.