Company trip for the employees

At the end of May, we organized a company trip for the employees, where we visited the construction site of the warehouse shelves of the Munich Opera, in which we cooperate with the company Riko d.o.o. as a steel structure supplier.

The construction with dimensions of 30x130m and a height of over 20m, consists of 109,000 components, totaling 1,100 tons of steel. All departments of our company participated in this project; the Schwarzmann team invested over 20,000 working hours in total.

Over 400 containers with scenic props will be stored in the rack warehouse.

Due to its size and complexity of structure, the facility represents a special milestone in company’s history.

After the guided tour of the construction site, we went to BMW Welt and the BMW Museum, where we admired the latest trends and the entire history of this Bavarian car manufacturer.

We also had lunch a few kilometers outside of Munich.

The employees enthusiastically saw the fruits of their labor and spent the day in a relaxed atmosphere and pleasant company with their colleagues.

In 2019, we already organized a similar excursion, namely a visit to a completed aircraft hangar in Vienna. Now we are planning and wish that such excursions would become an annual tradition.