Warehouse facility for insulation materials

Type: Fabric structure
Purpose: Warehouse facility

Width: 21,6 m
Length: 72,5 m
Side height: 5,5 m

For Dihag Dämmstoffe GmbH, a specialist in the wholesale and import of insulation materials and specialized construction materials, we manufactured and erected a new warehouse fabric structure at the location in Markt Allhau (Austria).

The warehouse facility is equipped with a side passage 17 meters long and a canopy along the entire length, on the opposite side there is a niche ready for a 7×5 meter door. Both long sides are equipped with grooves. Its design functionally and visually matches the existing facilities. At the same time, the new warehouse enables optimal utilization of the plot while preserve enough space for transport routes.

All the expansion possibilities of the existing location were used and distribution capacities in this area were increased by 1.566 m2.