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Two tennis halls for 4 tennis courts

Type: Fabric structure WSS

Tennis hall 2014

Width: 38 m
Length: 51 m
Height: 4 m

Tennis hall 2018

Width: 16.3 m
Length: 51 m
Height: 4.5 m

The Železničarski Tennis Club Maribor owns 10 clay courts and two buildings with six courts that are covered with a granulate flooring. Before their decision to invest in Schwarzmann prefabricated buildings, their courts were covered with air domes for 15 years. In their experience, such a solution proved to be energy-inefficient, since they had to additionally heat the air domes in case of snowfall or low temperatures, while also suffering huge heat losses which altogether resulted in high energy costs.

The snow had to be manually removed from the air domes, because just a thin blanket of snow can lead to excessive loads on the membrane and a drop in pressure in the air dome, which causes it to collapse and prevent further use of courts until repair works are completed. In order to avoid such a scenario, the investor was diligent about air dome maintenance, which further increased costs as well as interrupted the use of indoor courts.

In 2014, a proud owner of the Schwarzmann tennis hall invited the investor for a visit. Following the tour, after 15 years, they decided to replace the air domes with a Schwarzmann recreational steel building, a hot-dip galvanised steel structure covered with a durable double PVC membrane.

Special attention was paid to the court surface, as in the case of prefabricated sports facilities it needs to be finished before the actual erection of the structure, and such works inside a covered building are not possible. This means that it is necessary to adjust the installation process as well as use of lifting equipment so that the base is not damaged.

The steel structure and the methods of installation had to be adjusted already from the beginning of the design phase, due to the difficult access to existing courts. Due to many years of experience and having completed countless projects with similar constraints, we were able to anticipate potential problems and prevent them.

The investor was impressed by the visit to an existing recreational steel building and their positive experience as our client as well our hands-on approach and professional management of the project led them to opt for another Schwarzmann fabric structure for their outdoor tennis court in 2018.