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Multi-purpose business facility

Type: PWS panel clad building

Width: 10 m
Length: 15 m + 6 m canopy
Height: 2.8 m

At the beginning of the year, we finished a small multi-purpose business and production facility in the vicinity of Ljubljana.

A craftsman carrying out electrical installation work on residential and commercial buildings needed more covered space, as the he ran out of space for workers, tools and material storage in his house. Fortunately, he had some land available near his home, where he prepared an asphalt base. Due to the company’s increased work load and the resulting lack of space, he needed a permanent but quick solution while at the same time separating his business from his private life.

Due to the strict local urban management plan, we had to take into account many limitations regarding the building in a rural environment, especially considering the size and shape of the structure. The original idea was a traditional building (made out of brick or wood), but when the investor and the designer obtained all the necessary information for the construction, he decided to build a prefabricated Schwarzmann building, as he has been cooperating with the company for many years.

The Investor: “Due to my many years of cooperating with them, I am well acquainted with the Schwarzmann production program. I admit, If this wasn’t the case, I would have done it in accordance with the do-it-yourself approach that is common practice in Slovenia. I am very satisfied that I got an affordable and high-quality facility and was also able to continue working without interruptions during the installation.”

In close cooperation with a group of engineers, a completely new tailor-made solution was designed. The 10×15 m prefabricated insulated building with a gable roof and 6 m of canopy was completely adapted to the local building restrictions.

The Schwarzmann panel hall is designed, manufactured and installed according to the specific needs of the investor. It consists of a hot-dip galvanised steel structure,covered with 5 cm polyurethane sandwich panels. On one part of the roof, light strips are mounted, which allow the penetration of sunlight and reduce artificial lighting costs. The pitch was adjusted to allow for mounting of the photovoltaic panels on the roof of the building.

Solar power plant:

South face installation, roof pitch of 33°. For 1 kW, about 6 m2 of roof area is needed. The roof is covered with 72 pieces of photovoltaic modules with a nominal power of 300 W and a total of 21,600 kW. A photovoltaic module with a rated power of 1 kW produces an average of 1,100 kWh of electricity per year. This means that the entire solar power plant will produce about 23,760 kWh of electricity per year, which covers the annual consumption of the client.

In the first phase of use, the investor will use the facility as a warehouse and workshop as well as a garage for service vehicles. For loading smaller trucks, the building with a usable height of 2.8 m will also have a 3.5 m sectional door. In the next phase, a small office space will be installed in one part of the building.

The project was completed in 3 months (from idea to execution). The total value of the investment is approx. 50,000 € + site preparation costs.
Steel as a building material has important advantages in terms of sustainability, as it enables significant energy savings, both during construction and the building life cycle. A prefabricated steel structure building is a sustainable but still an economical alternative to traditional construction due to its fast installation time and the possibility of complete freedom in the design phase of the project.

In the past, due to lack of space, smaller craftsmen often opted for various improvised extensions to existing workshops or homes or remodelled old wooden sheds. These kinds of amateur adaptations are not easy and are more often than not poorly designed and dysfunctional. Due to the lack of experience in construction, their use is also often limited. The traditional Slovenian saying, “it costs nothing if you do it yourself”, is sadly not true.

Where suitable land is available, a custom-built prefabricated structure built with professional guidance can solve the spatial problem of a modern company in the long run while at the same time allowing for adjustment opportunities or further growth.