Logistics hub on extreme wind conditions location

Typ: Custom made fabric structure WSS

Width: 38 m
Lenght: 48 m
Height: 13,5 m

A large PVC membrane project was erected in Australia. The logistics hub commissioned by a global logistics company Toll Group measures 1825 m2 with the height of 13.5 m.

The site is located in the Gladstone region, which lies on the east coast of Australia, 500 km north of Brisbane. A special project requirement was to adapt the steel structure to the conditions of a location with extremely strong winds – gusts up to 284 km / h. Building design had to undergo structural reinforcement modifications according to local regulations and local wind loads.

The entire project, from conceptual design, structural analysis, technical documentation to production and installation, were carried out by Schwarzmann teams. Two experienced installation technicians travelled to Australia to oversee and lead the construction process guaranteeing Toll Group’s acquisition of the new cargo handling facility in an extremely short time.