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Indoor athletics facility with double PVC membrane

Type: Fabric structure WSS with double PVC membrane
Indoor athletics facility

Width: 48,5 m
Length: 90 m
Height: 6 m

One of the largest Austrian construction companies Swietelsky Baugesellschaft m.b.H. entrusted our company with the indoor athletics facility project for their investor, the Upper Austrian Athletics Association. The construction company carried out the preparatory ground works, whereas we were responsible for custom-designing, engineering, manufacturing and building the steel structure and cover.

The double PVC membrane cover protects the interior of the building from condensate and partially insulates the facility with an intermediate layer of air. Furthermore, it gives the interior a sleek appearance because it conceals structural elements. In the daytime, the white membrane permeates enough light that no additional lighting is required, therefore not adding to operating cost.
The steel structure itself is hot-dip galvanized with a span of 48.5 m and a length of 90 m. It is equipped with a running track and other athletics equipment, which enables athletic training in any weather condition, extending the training season throughout the year.

The ventilation system consists of roof fans and side wall vents. It is operated from the control box and allows for different ventilation settings depending on the time of year and the outside conditions, providing an optimal training environment.